It can be challenging to remember all of this as an adult. Thankfully, I have my little mirrors to speak up when I forget my own lessons. Life is a journey and we are always learning — no matter what age we are.

1. Confidence

No one is fulfilled by anything outside of themselves -– even if they think they are. Real confidence and self-esteem comes from knowing who we are, not what we have.
Taking time to do things that we really enjoy like sports, reading, playing, engaging with other people, and having quiet time help us to grow. Placing importance on toys, clothes, homes, cars, social hierarchies, etc, is just a part of the illusion of fulfillment.

2. Connection

Everyone feels alone at some point in their life. From starting at a new school, to bullying, to motherhood, and more, we all feel separate sometimes. And there’s no shame in asking for a hug, some one-to-one time or help. We feel stronger when we are a part of the world around us. Sometimes we need to try something new and meet new friends, or take part in activities with people who have the same interests.

3. Acceptance

People are imperfect and deserve to live without being judged. If we judge others for any reason then we have low self-esteem. Instead we need to really look at the other person and figure out why we feel bothered. Most of the time there is an underlying reason that we’re ignoring. Or, we’re projecting our own issues/thoughts onto them. When we judge others we’re disrespecting ourselves, too.

4. Intuition

I tell my little girls to always pay attention to the nervous feeling in their tummies. If they feel nervous or uncomfortable then it’s always ok to leave the situation, or to say no. We have a natural inner guide and we need to listen to it.

5. Forgiveness

It’s so important to talk about what bothers us when we feel wronged. We need to address our upsets with the people and not let ill feelings fester.
If we hurt someone else then we need to say that we’re sorry. Little upsets, big upsets, and any misunderstandings need to be talked about and forgiven.
Forgive everything. Move forward. Always.

6. Love

Love others as they are and not the person you want them to be. Love yourself first and be respectful to yourself. Be thoughtful about the words you say.
If you need some extra attention then ask for it -– don’t be worried about rejection.

Don’t take anything personally. If someone rejects you then it’s probably about that person and what’s going on in his or her head.

Thanks to Parentdish for original article.