Question for Dr. Saunders:

I miscarried naturally, spotting for a couple days, pain and bleeding got heavier (passing clots/tissue), and ended up in the emergency room on the third day. Finally, bleeding stopped 9 days after spotting began. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex 1-2 days after the bleeding stopped. Is it possible to conceive/get pregnant that soon after a miscarriage?

Thank you, Christie

P.S. haven’t seen my OBGYN yet… will I need a d&c? If so, how are they able to tell whether or not I need a D&C (are scans/ultrasounds done?) could I possibly get infected from engaging in intercourse so soon after miscarrying? Also, when I was diagnosed with the miscarriage, the fetus/embryo measured at 7 weeks or about a centimeter.

Dr. Saunders’ Expert Answer:

Dear Christie,
No, you should not be able to conceive that quickly, but you may not have had a completed miscarriage. You likely need to get some serial quantitative HCG’s to see if you still have retained products of conception from your prior pregnancy. An ultrasound at this time may help determine if there is still something left inside the uterus. Best of luck with your next one!
-Dr. Saunders

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