Menopause changes a lot of things in a woman’s body. From a medical perspective, some of these effects are irreversible and inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t alleviate or prevent these conditions that might surface during your menopausal stage.

With proper diet, it’s possible to counter these illnesses and complications. Follow these guidelines to stay healthy during this stage:

Consume Calcium, Iron, and Fiber

Menopause calls for more servings of three minerals: calcium, iron, and fiber. For calcium, your best sources are fish, dairy products, legumes, and broccoli. The average adult needs around 1,200mg of calcium every day.

In the case of iron, the main sources would be poultry, lean red meat, eggs, leafy vegetables, grain products, nuts, and fish. Women only need 8mg of this daily.

As for fiber, whole-grain rice, pasta, cereals, and fresh fruits and vegetables are your best bet. The dietary allowance for this is 21g per day. It would also help to eat around 2 cups of vegetables and 1 ½ cup of fruits every day.

Cut the Fat, Sugar, and Salt

When you hit the menopausal stage, it’s time to let go of your unhealthy dietary habits. This is where you reduce your fat, calories, sugar, and salt intake. Too much sugar may lead to diabetes and too much sodium may increase your blood pressure.

Maintain your weight to its ideal level, as much as possible. If you’re overweight, consult a dietitian as to how you can adjust your meals and plan an exercise program.

Hydrate More

As you age, you should pay more attention to the amount of water you take in. The basic recommendation of eight glasses per day is still a good measure for your daily intake. Nonetheless, it would be better to exceed this amount by one or two more glasses for better overall hydration.

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