Question for the doctor:

PSOC infertility symptomsI am 29 years old. Was on birth control pills for 3 years. Was put on BCP because of irregular periods. Periods were regular when on pill. Stopped taking the pill in September 2013 to try to conceive. Had one period after 45 days in November. No period after that. It’s been nearly 3 months now. Ovulation predictor kits were negative too. Found out I have PCOS and high testosterone levels. My Obgyn put me on metformin 500mg. Taking them for a week now. No period yet. Can I ovulate before I get my period or do I have to wait for the period to come first? What can I expect? I am worried…Please Help with detailed answers!


Dr. Saunders’ Answer:

Dear Sasha,
It certainly does sound as though you do have PCOS. Although the Metformin may help ever so slightly, what you REALLY need is CLOMID! (Clomiphene Citrate) You ought to get on Provera 10mg for 1 week to initiate a cycle and then start Clomid 100mg days 3-7 of your period. Then you need to see if you ovulate with Ovulation kits or Basal Body Temperatures. If not then go up to 150mg days 3-7. Ask your Obgyn about this course of action, it is what I would recommend based on what you’ve described. I wish you all the best!

-Dr. Saunders